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Why Choose Us

Our Credentials

Sky Food Catering works in full compliance with state and federal agencies, our kitchen is:

  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture Inspected
  • FDA Inspected
  • USDA Inspected
  • HAACP Plan and Certified Manager on site
  • Ideal cold chain design
  • Borders & Customs compliant for international trash
  • Minneapolis Airports Commission Badged, licensed
  • TSA Inspected

Sky Food Catering works with airlines of all sizes, we provide services to accommodate aircraft of many types. 

  • Dishwashing 
  • Trolly washing
  • Oven washing
  • Drawer washing
  • Linen Services
  • Dry Cleaning Services
  • De-Catering
  • Turn-around
  • Hi-Loader lift Service
  • Buy on board snacks
  • Cart Security
  • First Class Meals

Sky Food Catering is well known for our ability to quickly accommodate late notice departures. Our Kitchen operates 24/7 with a staff of over 30 employees to quickly adapt to menu changes, departure changes, or late arrivals. 

Whatever your needs may be, trust Sky Food Catering for your next flight out of Minnesota! 

Sky Food Catering knows the evolving demands of the industry. We have been consistently delivering quality, healthy, and delicious meals since the early 90s. The industry has evolved with consumers needs in mind. Our focus has been to adapt to these trends while providing outstanding service to our clients. We know the flight crew develops individual relationships with each passenger resulting in a high standard of expectations to achieve, both in the air and on the ground.

Sky Food Catering has a dedicated team of executive Chefs that go above and beyond to ensure those expectations are never left unchecked. Our team works individually with each flight crew, to develop a menu that reflects the needs of each flight. The team carefully selects the highest quality ingredients, using in season and local suppliers. The recipes are made in small batches, from scratch for optimal flavor and freshness. 

Concierge service is one of the many services we provide to our busy clients. Each request is a dedicated concierge who will hand-select each item requested. We pride ourselves on being able to provide many hard-to-find items, by also teaming up with suppliers around the country.  
  • Specialty Newspapers
  • Liquor Procurement
  • Cabin Supplies
  • Linen Cleaning
  • Anything else that your flight may need!


Premium Catering Service

Airline Services

Concierge Service

24/7 Operations

Open 24/7/36565

Sky Food Catering
1408 Northland Drive
Suite 204
Mendota Heights, MN 55120
Phone: (651) 994-1955
Fax: (651) 994-1953