• Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    In-Flight Services

    "Sky Food Catering has been providing superior catering services for a number of years to Signature Flight Support located at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP).  We are proud to offer our customers quality products, reliable service and custom catering that we've come to expect from Sky Food Catering.  Over the years Sky Food Catering continues to service our account with the goal of exceeding our customer's expectations each and every day. 

    A key strength of Sky Food Catering is their understanding of the market place and their ability to adapt to our customer's ever changing tastes and demands.  The owner, Asad Gharwal, has always taken a personal interest in embracing customer feedback which is the reason we continue to remain a loyal customer of theirs. 

    I would highly recommend Sky Food Catering for their professionalism, culinary expertise and quality of service." 

    Dale Kariya, MSP Flight Support
  • Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    In-Flight Services

    "Sky Food Catering has provided Northwest Airlines with a variety of menu items, both for commercial flights and for our VIP charter service. 

    Their culinary skills, coupled with the professional business experience, have made our working relationship a positive one. Sky Food Catering has a high dedication to customer satisfaction and they continue to be a premier vendor for catering to a client base that is extremely demanding. Clients such as the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and the Rolling Stones have raved about the menu; the Rolling Stones enjoyed it so much out of Minneapolis that we made special arrangements for Sky Food Catering to cater them out of Fargo, ND. 

    Mr. Gharwal has taken painstaking measures to adapt his catering business to meet the rigorous demands of the FDA for airline catering.  He has gone the extra mile to ensure that all his food meet the federal HAACP measurements and he works well with our contracted caterers to ensure prompt and successful deliveries.  He is personable and all levels of staff enjoy working with Asad. I would recommend him hightly as a professional and as a culinary expert." 

    Jill Sweiven, Northwest Airlines
  • Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    Corporate Cafe

    "Sky Food Catering has been managing and operating ShopNBC's in-house catering facility.  Sky Food Catering has taken steps to be both creative and customer driven, while being fiscally responsible to manage the business in a budget conscious manner. 

    Our Vision, when we began our business relationship, was to increase associate satisfaction and customer service by introducting a professionally managed operation.  Mr. Gharwal and his staff have not only stepped up to the plate, they have provided a restaurant environment that makes it easy for our associates to enjoy rotating menu choices, affordable selections and custom tailored premiums at reasonable prices. Not only do we find our associates enjoying the catering more since Sky Food Catering took over the operation, we believe our associates are more productive because they no longer feel the need to leave the building for lunches.  

    Sky Food Catering adheres to HAACP standards for maintaining the highest level of sanitary conditions with the catering operation at ShopNBC.  We are proud of Sky Food Catering's abilities to cater special events for our associates, executives, visiting dignitaries and celebrities.  I would highly recommend Sky Food Catering for any catering needs." 

    John Slavik, ShopNBC
  • Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    First Class Meals

    "As the commissary manager for Sun Country Airlines, I have had the priviledge to work directly with Sky Food Catering since 2003.  We have provided our passengers with first class meals provided by Sky Food Catering for many years.  In this time, I have seen the quality of food they provide our passengers, and receive such great reviews. Sky Food Catering has always been able to work within our budgetary needs, and always has delivered excellent food." 

    Shawn Sime, Sun Country Airlines
  • Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    In-Flight Services

    "I have had the pleasure to work with Sky Food Catering (MSP & OKC) and have only positive things to say about their product quality and the associated services they provide. Champion Air has been associated with Sky Food Catering since 2003, they have provided crew meals and other high profile catering.  Champion Air customers who have used Sky Food Catering include several NBA teams, MLB (Minnesota Twins), and the Department of Defense.  

    Sky Food Catering routinely handles their accounts in a professional manner and regularly go out of their way to make sure their customers are well taken care of.  They are very flexible in a constantly changing environment and address any concerns or issues quickly and efficiently.  Based on their performance, I have no problem recommending their services to other companies looking for a talented and quality catering operation."

    Vic Wood, Champion Air
  • Corporate Event Catering Mendota Heights MN
    Corporate Aviation

    "We have relied on Sky Food Catering for our catering needs for flights out of KSTP.  We have also chosen them to cater events held at our corporate hangar.  The level of customer service and quality of product provided are very much appreciated. 

    Our flight schedule changes frequently and Sky Food Catering works with us to provide consistent service.  They offer menu items to satisfy the many dietary preferences and restrictions that we deal with on each flight, and are more than happy to accommodate special menu requests when asked.  The staff is communicative and responds promptly to questions and/or concerns." 

    Corporate Aircraft Scheduler, STP